The Forgotten Neighborhood
How New York’s Chinatown survived 9/11 to face a new crisis (The Guardian, September 2021)

As Schools Reopen, Will Black and Asian Families Return?
(PBS, July 2021)

The Chinatown Block Watch, One Year Later
One year of patrolling Chinatown, in response to a rise in violence against Asian Americans (Curbed, April 2021)

“Six Generations, and We Ended Up in the Same Place 150 Years Later”
A mother & daughter on attending the AAPI Rally Against Hate in Manhattan Chinatown (New York Magazine, March 2021)

Race Against Time: Saving the largest archive of Chinese American history from fire
In January, a fire tore through an historic building in the heart of Manhattan’s Chinatown, threatening to engulf decades of artifacts documenting Chinese life in the US…
(CNN Style, April 2020)

Queer Asians Refused to Be Left Out of Lunar New Year Celebrations
“Our first year we used a lot of euphemisms like ‘rainbow family.’ But now we want people to know exactly what we are: a queer Asian contingent.”
(Vice, February 2020)

For Struggling Actors, No More Waiting Tables. The New Side Gig: Brand Ambassador
They are the smiling (and suspiciously attractive) people at product launches. Is the job fulfilling? Not really. But it pays well.
(The New York Times, July 2019)

The Return of the ‘Bad Boys’ of Chinatown
Playing pool and riding motorcycles, they ruled the neighborhood when Chinatown was a tiny Cantonese “village.” Fifty years later, the annual reunion is a little quieter.
(The New York Times, December 2018)
(In Chinese) 纽约唐人街“坏小子”再聚首


When Your Fear Is the Remote Control
Karen Palmer’s Immersive Cinema (Fast Company, December 2017)

How Social Cash Made WeChat the App for Everything
A centuries-old tradition gave rise to China’s most valuable company and captured the attention of everyone from teens to Silicon Valley (Fast Company, January 2017)

A Week Behind the Great Firewall of China
For better or for worse, China’s censored digital ecosystem is thriving (Fast Company, April 2016)

Audio report: WeChat (~10:48 onwards)
One week in China with the country’s most popular messaging app (BBC Business Daily, January 2016)

17 Young Innovators Shaking Up the Music Industry
Meet the next generation of app inventors, startup founders, label owners, tastemakers, managers and promoters (, April 2015)

Disturbance Was Accomplished
Q&A: Droneologist and Hacktivist Ricardo Dominguez (Motherboard, Sept 2013)

All Eyes Are on WeChat, Including the Chinese Government’s
Chinese social network WeChat is taking over the world, and it’s pretty awesome. One problem: It’s being surveilled (Motherboard, March 2013)

China’s Famous Fearless Bloggers
Documentary maker Stephen Maing explores the netizen in his documentary High Tech, Low Life (Motherboard, Jan 2013)

Five Myths about the Chinese Internet
How online and social media censorship works in China (Foreign Policy, Nov 2012)


(In Chinese) From Harlem to Guangdong — Afro-Chinese-Caribbeans Search for Their Roots in China / 从哈莱姆到广东——寻根的加勒比华裔黑人
葆拉·麦迪逊(Paula Madison)曾经总是遐想,她的华裔亲人如今是什么样子… (New York Times, February 2018)

Russia and China’s Diplomatic Dance
The Russian ballet that offended Mao and harbingered the Sino-Soviet Split (LA Review of Books – China Channel, October 2017)

The Ballet That Caused an International Row
The Red Poppy was a staple of Soviet ballet, performed all over the USSR. But when the Soviets’ Chinese allies saw the production, they were not best pleased (BBC Culture, June 2017)

Let One Hundred Panthers Bloom
The Black Panthers and Mao Zedong (ChinaFile, October 2016)

(In Chinese) 百豹齐放:美国黑豹党为何热爱毛主席 (New York Times, December 2016)

Sting on Playing a Car Thief, New Duo Single, Sexiness of Singing in French
Singer and French pop star Mylène Farmer talk duo remake of 2004 track “Stolen Car” (, September 2015)

Rose McGowan on Her Unsettling New Music Video: ‘I’m Not a Commodity’
Outspoken actor talks artistic awakening, Hollywood burnout, battling “the dickheads” (, September 2015)

Stop Using My Song
34 Artists Who Fought Politicians Over Their Music (, July 2015)

An Alumna’s Advice for the Young Women of Princeton: Marry My Son
Susan A. Patton’s letter advising women to find a Princeton husband, and the social-media backlash (The Daily Beast, March 2013)


The “Perfect Uyghur”
Beijing claims its re-education camps in Xinjiang are needed to combat Islamic terrorism, but Dilara’s experiences tell a different story (The Guardian, July 2020)

Getting Married to Get Ahead in China’s Business World
China’s richest businesswomen are often still tied to the fortunes of their husbands (The Daily Beast, April 2013)

China’s Glamorous First Lady Peng Liyuan Saving the Communist Party With Song
As China’s new president takes power, his popular wife is singing her way to center stage (The Daily Beast, March 2013)

Why Breaking Bad Should Be Set in China
It was in China that I was introduced to meth… (Motherboard, Jan 2013)

Me and My Censor
A reporter’s memoir of what it’s like to tell the truth about today’s China (Foreign Policy, Oct 2012)

From House Slaves to Banana People
7 words that define modern China (Foreign Policy, July 2012)

Chinatown & Asian American Stories

The Caribbean-Americans Searching for Their Chinese Roots
Hakka Conferences are allowing distant relatives to meet and untangle their complex genealogy (Atlas Obscura, May 2018)

How a Chinatown School Is Bringing Diversity to Theater
A program founded by a former Broadway star is part of a growing movement to introduce students to theater at younger ages (The Hechinger Report / The Village Voice, March 2018)

How Childhoods Spent in Chinese Laundries Tell the Story of America
The laundry: a place to play, grow up, and live out memories both bitter and sweet (Atlas Obscura, January 2018)
(In Chinese) 华裔移民如何主导了美国的洗衣业 (New York Times, October 2018)

How a Chinatown-by-the-Sea Popped Up on the Jersey Shore
A tuberculosis epidemic, a church, and one lucky break sent Chinese Manhattanites to Bradley Beach (Atlas Obscura, August 2017)

(In Chinese) 泽西海边的唐人街:一段走向平权的历史 (New York Times, August 2018)

(In Chinese) In Chinatown, Children of Immigrants Grapple with Non-Voting (Or Trump-Voting) Parents / 华裔亲子交锋:特朗普时代的唐人街
12月的一个星期天,曼哈顿唐人街一家K歌房楼上,一间挤满了跳舞大妈的工作室楼下,大约20个人聚集在一个房间里谈论美国总统选举。。。(New York Times, February 2017)

How Asian-American Radicals Brought ‘Yellow Power’ To Chinatown (Gothamist, October 2016)

Karma on the Half Shell
Buddhist “mercy releases” have long set animals free in ways that may harm them. Parks and animal protection organizations are working to make it better (Open City, October 2014)

The “Menace” of Mott Street
Japanese playing cards are the unlikely source of clashes in Manhattan’s Chinatown (Open City, July 2014)

A Dance with Chinatown
Bestselling author Jean Kwok on her new book Mambo in Chinatown and life in a garment factory (Open City, June 2014)

Arcade Rhythms
New Yorkers lost one of the last video arcades in Manhattan when Chinatown Fair closed down in 2011. But two years ago in May, it reopened under new management. Since then, it’s reinvented itself as a top destination for rhythm game players… (Open City, April 2014)

The Roast Duck Bureaucracy
About a decade ago, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene began to puzzle over a strange and disturbing sight… (Open City, March 2014)

Everybody Knew Him
A tribute to “the Chinese-American Al Sharpton,” Chinatown son Paul JQ Lee (Open City, Jan 2014)